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A Look Back at Summer 2020

A fantastic summer - safe and successful!

Looking Back on Summer 2020:

Summer 2020 was one of the most challenging endeavors any camp could take on. Every camp had to make a critical decision on weather they could deliver a fun, but above all, SAFE summer. 

New Horizons set out to educate our team, consult with medical professionals, and hear from our families. We developed a plan and were confident in our preparations

We opened on time, and were able to help over 200 campers have a safe and much needed return to normalcy during the summer months. 

Our staff rose to the challenge and excelled! 

Our Summer 2020 Plan:
OPENING DAY -- Monday, July 6th



Summer 2020 will pose unique challenges. We have spent the past several months tirelessly preparing, refining our program, training our staff and above-all ensuring we can operate the safest camp environment possible.


From the onset, we have had two focuses. First, we have consulted with the ACA, CDC, Medical Professionals, NJ Health Department, and more to expand our robust policies in all areas of health and safety.


Second, we are committed to ensuring EVERY CAMPER can have a fantastic summer experience either physically on campus or through our Camp at Home Program.


New Horizons Day Camp has you covered for Summer 2020 and Beyond!




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Two Parallel Programs: On Site & At Home

From the first day of planning, we have been committed to ensuring EVERY camper can experience camp this summer. We are fully anticipating an on-site opening this summer, and we're also committed to running our "Camp At Home" program for children unable to attend on location. 

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Camp on Location

Over 100 Unique Activities


3.5 to 1 Camper to Staff Ratio


Small Group Sizes


Activity Choices

Comprehensive Health and Safety Protocols

Camp Homel  Logo.png

Camp At Home

Over 100 Recorded Activity Lessons by OUR STAFF

Participate Live or On Demand

Live Interaction with Staff and Grade Group

Activity Supply Crates Delivered to Your Home

Ready to join us "On Location" later in the Summer? Your Spot is Reserved

Creating the Safest Possible Enviornment

Safety is the first priority every summer, but it has never been more necessary than in 2020.


We have worked with the CDC, ACA, NJ Health Department, Medical Professionals and more to ensure we can create a safe camp environment for our campers and staff.

Additional Safety Steps We're Taking This Summer:

- We're keeping Group Sizes Small - Based on CDC/ACA Recommendations -  Currently 12 Campers to a Group

- Limit interaction between Groups/Grades

- Ensure social distancing based off current guidelines and recommendations from the ACA/CDC

- Instructors/Activity Specialists will wear PPE when teaching indoors in accordance with current recommendations

- Comprehensive Cleaning between EACH ACTIVITY PERIOD

- Expanded Lunch Spaces to Ensure Social Distancing

- Comprehensive Food Safety Protocols

- Daily Health Monitoring for ALL STAFF AND CAMPERS

- 3x as many off-season staff training sessions

- Travel Week is cancelled - We will be conducting ALL EIGHT weeks on-site.

- Safety protocols for busing and cleaning between each trip.

- Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizer - CDC Recommends 100oz per day - We're already at 175oz and expanding.

- Full Support from Florham Park Custodial Staff 


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