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School Day
Events & Programs

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Fully Customizable School-Day Events and Programs for All Grade Levels:

  • All programs are designed to complement existing school curriculums and are run during your school day as a special event!

  • Programs designed by educators to cater to ALL GRADE LEVELS.

  • Engage in high-quality programs that promote communication, team-building, & sportsmanship!

  • Participate in physical activities that promote an active lifestyle, health and wellness, cooperative play!

  • Events can be scaled to meet your school's desired program length!


Team-Building Days

Team-Building Days feature a variety of exciting, cooperative challenges that build your students' communication skills and teamwork.

Our carefully crafted activities, ensure that every participant's personal strengths are highlighted - enabling everyone to contribute to their teams success!

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Field Days &
Camp Color War!

NHEP Staff can be brought in to enhance OR run your existing Field Day Event by providing new and exciting Camp Color War Activities that are fun for all students.


Our events highlight sportsmanship, teamwork, problem solving, and athleticism!

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Recess Day!

New Horizons will be teaching classic playground games and activities that we all once played as children! Our goal is to instruct these games in a fun way so that children can continue playing and managing them independently during the entire school year. Some of the games will be: 4-square, Gaga, Wall Ball, Switch, Bases, Knockout, Sharks and Minnows and one of our camp favorites 9-Square in the Air!

Speak to a member of our team TODAY to
design & book your CUSTOM PROGRAM!

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