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Fully Customizable School-Year
Enrichment Programs for All Grade Levels:

  • All programs are designed to complement existing school curriculums and can be adapted to in-school or after-school programs.

  • Programs designed by educators to cater to ALL GRADE LEVELS.

  • Engage in high-quality technology classes that encourage scientific thinking and inclusive communication skills.

  • Participate in physical activities that promote an active lifestyle, health and wellness, conflict resolution, and teamwork!

  • Unique offerings allow year-long possibilities! 

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Our Model Rocketry course encourages exploration! Designed for all experience levels, this unique opportunity to construct a custom model rocket kit over the length of the program culminates with our incredible Rocket Launch Event - Prepare for lift-off!

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Field Day and Camp Color War builds teamwork!


Featuring a variety of different activities and stations, participants work together as teams in friendly competition. Stations challenge the teams to strategize, problem solve, and are perfect for allowing everyone to show off their strengths!

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Students will be able to explore the entire creative process of Video Game Design from scratch! Once completed, students are able to share their game with friends and family!  They will learn programming principles, digital art skills, problem solving, and more all while creating their very own video game!

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NHEP’s 3D Printing Pens Lab allows students to easily create 3D Art and Experiments!  This easily accessible program allows students to focus on creation! In this creativity-oriented workshop students are given the choice to work on individual or team projects with the guidance of our experienced staff members! 

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