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Our Activities & Program

Mission Statement from our Directors:

We have a simple goal.


"Help every camper experience THEIR perfect summer!"


Every single camper is different which is why we have built New Horizons to allow children from Pre-K through 9th Grade to try something new, take a deep-dive into an existing interest, or mix-and-match their day to create the summer of a lifetime!

At NHDC every activity and grade group is led by an 18+ Head Counselor with professional educators leading nearly all our major activity areas. Extensive off-season training, a 3.5 to 1 staff ratio, and highly specialized counselors allows us to offer an unparalleled program from athletics to coding... art to archery... cooking to podcasting consisting of  OVER 100 UNIQUE ACTIVITIES! 


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PreK - K - 1st Program

It’s important for your child’s first experiences with camp to be happy ones. At this early age, children thrive when they are protected and nurtured, as well as flourish when they are encouraged to explore their own interests.

Managed by our dedicated K1 Director Katherine Cawley, the program offers a small, nurturing environment in which your child gets a chance to experience all New Horizons has to offer while learning new sports, academic and social skills everyday.

2nd Grade

Jump Start Program

The 2nd Grade Jump Start Program helps our campers transition from the K/1 Program.


Second Grade Campers will participate with their group in a sport, art, swim and technology during the first half of the day and then build their custom afternoon! This gives young campers a chance to get comfortable with the upper program while being exposed to all New Horizons has to offer.

3rd-9th Grade

Choice Program



The 3rd – 9th Grade Program offers a traditional camp experience while believing in the element of CHOICE. Your camper customizes their entire schedule with a variety of activities in the areas of: Sports, Technology, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Innovations, Academic Enrichment, Media, Coding, Swimming. Activities change bi-weekly so your child will have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences throughout the entire summer!

At New Horizons you're never stuck in an activity. Campers may elect to switch from one activity to another at any time during a session!

Counselor in Training (CIT)

At New Horizons campers entering the 9th grade are allowed to participate in our Counselor in Training (CIT) Program. 


Under the leadership of our CIT Director, your camper will experience what it's like to be a counselor. We custom fit the CIT Training for each camper, allowing them to continue to participate in their favorite camp activities while also learning valuable skills and working with our fantastic staff. The goal of the CIT program is to prepare your child for opportunities with New Horizons Day Camp for the summer before entering 10th grade. 

Our Activities

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