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New Horizons brings its acclaimed and immersive programming to Drew University for Summer 2024!


*NOTE: There are 20 spots per class!*

  • Immersive, focused STEM Camps will be featured in Summer 2024 at Drew University!

  • Programs designed to allow Rising 2nd - 8th Grade Campers an opportunity to take a deep-dive into an existing interest.

  • Engage in high-quality technology classes that encourage scientific thinking and inclusive communication skills.

  • Our activities are led by educators, professionals, and college students who have a specialty and desire to help and motivate the campers in a unique and enjoyable way. Groups and activities are led by 18+ adults at all times.

  • Each week a unique set of activities will be offered with two focused Activity Blocks, Lunch Break, and a Recreational/Movement Break! 

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3D Printing: Bridges and Experiments

Campers will design, print and assemble components of a bridge that they will try and test the strength by adding weight to see how much their design can hold. Bridge building has been a pretty common topic used in school science and physics lessons over the years, it is a fun way to explore force and weight distribution, even math and material strength.

Engineering: Bridges & Experiments

Campers will learn about the types of possible loads, how to calculate ultimate load combinations, and investigate the different sizes for the beams (girders) and columns (piers) of simple bridge design. Additionally, they learn the steps that engineers use to design bridges.

Robotics: Vex Robotics

The objective of this course is to introduce campers to the field through the Vex Robotics system and stimulate their interests in science and engineering through the participation of the entire engineering design process. This course covers a variety of multidisciplinary topics necessary to understand the fundamentals of designing, building, and programming robots.

Movie-Making Workshop

Filmmaking is more than just picking up a camera or phone and shooting video. The true art of filmmaking is about understanding the process of telling a story through a visual form. This class is a step-by-step course to help introduce the art of filmmaking and movie creation. Campers will learn steps on creating fun characters, developing a cool story and how to properly film and edit their video.

Model Rocketry: Blast-Off!

3..2..1..Blast Off! In the introductory class we will look at basic rocket design and understand the forces at play that dictate how well rockets perform, then we will test this knowledge by making a few different types of rockets and launching them.

Stop Motion Animation

Explore the world of stop motion in this interactive class. Campers will learn how to create and edit at their own pace using Stop Motion Studio Software. Campers will craft their animation with various materials ranging from play-doh to legos.

Video Game Design

This class will teach Campers to create the defining features of video games, including characters, objectives, obstacles, levels and settings, and narratives. During your video game design training, you will learn programming languages, mathematics skills, game asset creation, modern real-time game engines, and general game development techniques.


Entrepreneurship involves selling ideas and products. To help kids develop these skills, teach them about marketing and sales. Encourage them to develop a pitch for their product or idea and teach them how to sell it effectively. You can also teach them about branding, advertising, and customer service.

Magic Graphic Design

Campers will learn the fundamentals of Graphic Design process culminating in creating their own Graphic Novel. 

We use the CampSite Platform for all NHSC Enrollments. You may use the link below to view the specific weekly activity offerings and complete your registration.


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Our Model Rocketry course encourages exploration! Designed for all experience levels, this unique opportunity to construct a custom model rocket kit over the length of the program culminates with our incredible Rocket Launch Event - Prepare for lift-off!

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Test, build, and experiment with Engineering and Design!  Focusing on design, experimentation and practical testing, this activity block will challenge campers to creatively problem solve!

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Students will be able to explore the entire creative process of Video Game Design from scratch! Once completed, students are able to share their game with friends and family!  They will learn programming principles, digital art skills, problem solving, and more all while creating their very own video game!

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NHEP’s 3D Printing Pens Lab allows students to easily create 3D Art and Experiments!  This easily accessible program allows students to focus on creation! In this creativity-oriented workshop students are given the choice to work on individual or team projects with the guidance of our experienced staff members! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Tuition Cost for NHSC Programs?

Weekly Sessions cost $475 per week. If you enroll in two sessions (Morning and Afternoon) in the same week, you will receive a $200 Discount for the week. 

There is a $300 deposit due at the time of enrollment.

What are the grades of the campers who attend N.H.S.C?

Children entering Grade 2 through 8th grade attend NHSC. 

What is a typical camp day schedule?

Beginning in 2024, Campers can elect for Morning, Afternoon, or Full Day programming. For the Morning & Afternoon Sessions, campers will gather for a brief meeting during which instructors take attendance.  We also discuss any special programs for the day. After the Session Meeting, campers will participate in their selected activities!

Morning Session Block
9:00-10:15 - Instruction
10:15-10:45 - Movement Break
10:45-12:00 - Instruction


(All Sessions - Morning, Afternoon, Full Day)


Afternoon Session Block

12:30-1:45 - Instruction

1:45-2:15 - Movement Break

2:15-3:30 - Instruction

What are the Enrichment Instructor’s qualifications?

Every Enrichment Activity Instructor is an 18+ Adult and experienced teacher. They are supplemented by our Assistant Instructors who are 15-17. All have had experience working at camps, and undergo extensive preseason training. We conduct background and reference checks on all camp employees.

Who leads the activities at N.H.S.C?

Our activities are led by school teachers, professionals, and college students who have a specialty and desire to help and motivate the campers in a unique and enjoyable way. Groups and activities are led by 18+ adults at all times. 

Will my child wear the N.H.S.C. t-shirt and sneakers every day?

Yes! New Horizons will provide your child with 3 camp t-shirts, in addition to a backpack to carry their belongings at camp. Campers must also wear sneakers every day. 

Do you offer a Lunch/Snack Program?

Campers are required to bring their own lunch for all NHSC programs on Monday-Thursday. Pizza Lunch is provided on Fridays!

Every afternoon campers are offered ice cream, ice pops or frozen fruit bars for a snack.

Is there a full time certified FirstAid/AED/CPR person on staff?

Yes! Multiple NHSC personnel at each program are CPR, First Aid, and AED certified. 

Do you offer early drop-off or late pick-up options? Half-Day Options?

We do not offer early drop-off or late pick-up options at NHSC. We do offer half-day programming. Campers can select Morning, Afternoon, of Full-Day Sessions

Will the same activities be offered two sessions in a row?

Our goal is to expose campers to a wide variety of activities. Every week is its own stand alone session with a different project focus.  Camper and parent feedback helps us to decide which activities to continue to add to our programs.

What if I need to pick up my child early?

The early pick-up procedure is quite simple. Early pick-ups must be no later than 2:30 pm.  Please have a note ready to give to the person who greets you in the lot when you drop your child off in the morning. You may also send an email or call the main camp line. If you are authorizing someone to pick up your child, please provide the name of that person in your note. Please also tell the person to bring identification with them. We will have your child waiting in the office at the desired time. Your child must be met and signed out at the security desk in front of the camp entrance. Safety, as always, is our main concern.

What if my child won't be coming to camp or will be coming in late?

If your child will not be in camp, we appreciate a call to the office or an email to let us know. In either case, if your child is coming to camp late, please park in the main parking lot and come to the camp office to sign in. Your child will be brought to his or her scheduled activity from the office.

If I choose New Horizons, have I made a good choice?

ABSOLUTELY! You and your child will love it! We have many returning campers and very satisfied parents who can provide references.  Let us know if you’d like to speak with some of our New Horizons Day Camp families.

Speak to a member of our team TODAY to
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